2nd & 3rd Rifle Elk Weeks

Well after such an amazing start to the elk season, we had pretty high expectations for the next two hunts.  Coming in on week two were a group of long time HPO hunters from West Virginia.   Darwin, Danny, Garth, and Matthew.  Also joining the hunt was repeat hunter Kyle from Texas.  Everybody had elk tags in their pockets and Garth and Matthew also had deer tags that would be good for two days.  Early into the hunt, the weather moved in and it got nasty!  Lots of wind, snow and rain!  On the first full day Kyle and I made a move on a big group of elk that was spotted the day before.  We covered a bunch of ground and were able to get right into the middle of em.  We walked right into a spike bull, a couple cows, and a very nice 6 point bull.  Unfortunately we didn’t get set up in time and the big bull slipped into the timber before we could get a shot.  A few days later we got into a group of 20+ elk with multiple bulls including one giant!  This was one of the biggest bulls we’d seen all fall.  He had a huge herd of cows and young bulls with him that made it very difficult to get a clear shot.  We moved our position 3 or four times trying to get the right angle but just couldn’t get the right shot opportunity.  A very nice 5 point stepped out in the clear at one point, but after seeing the giant, Kyle decided to pass.  We spent the next couple days trying to get back onto that bull and the big herd of cows, but couldn’t find them again.

Early on in the hunt Rod and Garth were able to put the sneak on a nice four point buck not far from camp.  They got within range and Garth made a great shot, killing his second mule deer buck with Hoback Peak Outfitters.  A day later, Matthew got the ambition to walk from camp and hunt on his own while Rod and Garth hunted elk.   As he was still hunting his way through the country, a nice buck fed out into the open and Matthew let him have it!  This was Matthew’s first mule deer buck and was very happy.  While packing out Matthew’s deer, the boys ran into a big Wyoming coyote, and Garth decided to let his rifle bark, and made a nice shot killing the coyote.

The elk hunting got very tough the rest of the week for everyone in camp, with nasty weather, full moon, and other unforeseeable variables, we came up with plenty of excuses for not killing elk.  We still had a good time and everyone will be back to give it another go in the future.

The next week brought another repeat group of hunters from Virginia, Matt and Leon.  These guys have been hunting with us for close to 15 years and have been very successful.  On day two of the hunt Rod and Matt got into a small group of elk in the sagebrush country over an hour from camp.  As the group of elk fed up the sagebrush ridge, Matt and Rod got into position to get a shot at the lone bull in the group.  Matt got set up and made a fantastic shot on a nice 5 point bull at 250+ yards!  Unfortunately Matt and Leon had a family emergency back home and had to leave the hunt after only two days and head back east.  They are already planning their hunt for 2014 to give it another shot.




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Rifle Elk Opener

Well the week has come where we get to hang up the sticks and strings, and break out the big guns….literally.  This week brought in Five guys from Iowa, Texas, Washington, California, and Nebraska.  We were very excited about getting out with rifles and presenting opportunities at some of these big elk that bested us during archery season.  The first day we packed in was a nasty, rainy, wet day.  We spent most of the day warming up and drying out our gear in preparation for opening morning.  On opening day Rod, myself, and first year guide Troy, went three different directions from camp and managed to put down three nice bulls!  Not a bad way to kick off the season!  Willy from Washington state managed to bag the biggest bull of the week, a really nice 6 point.  Troy was able to guide Brian from California to his first bull elk, a nice 5 point.  Also, with the help of “Hawaii” Jake, our camp jack, I was able to get Todd from Nebraska onto a really nice five point bull way up high in the snow.  All on the first day!!  On day three “Ranger Rod” guided Willy’s son Shawn into another nice Five point bull.  They made a great stalk and got up close and personal, shooting this bull at about 60 yards!  After several days of hard hunting, and some close calls, Troy got Scott, from Iowa, into another nice herd of elk and was able to harvest a young bull at less than 140 yards.  Five hunters……..five bulls…….in four days of hunting, not too bad!  Congratulations guys, what a hunt!!


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Second Archery Elk / Deer Hunt

The second week of Archery elk hunting brought a great group of guys from Knoxville Tn. into camp.  Tim and Marc would be hunting elk with Rod, and John would be rifle hunting deer with me.  I wasn’t sure what the rut action was going to be like this week, and man was I surprised!  I didn’t think the action could get any hotter than the first week, but it was.  Elk were everywhere!!  There were bulls bugling all over the place, in the morning, in the evening, and even during the middle of the day close to camp!!  It didn’t take long for the guys to get into elk, in fact, they were into elk non-stop.  Tim even mentioned that “there’s been more elk action on the first day of this hunt than the whole 7 days of my last hunt with another outfitter!”  Rod and the guys had no trouble getting into elk, but seemed to struggle getting one in the dirt.  The guys had a couple opportunities at small bulls, spikes, and cows at super close range, but the big boys didn’t want to come that last 30 yards into archery range.  After a few days of being unsuccessful with the cow calls and bugles, they decided to get into “stealth mode” and try to get in range without calling.  Marc was able to sneak in on a monster six point to 50 yards!  He pulled out his range finder… ranged… drew his bow back….. and was about to squeeze the release when the big bull wheeled and bolted into the timber!  So close!!  Unfortunately both Marc and Tim were unable to harvest an elk, but sometimes that’s the way it goes hunting free range elk with a bow.  Hopefully they will be back again someday to give it another try.

This wasn’t John’s first deer hunting trip with me and he was fully aware of what kind of deer are in our country.  That being said, he was after the big boys!  On opening day we saw several nice bucks, one really good four point, and a monster typical four point all in the same spot.  This big buck had it all….mass, deep forks, width, height, and age!  We spent the next five days hunting this deer.  He was such a smart ol buck that he would only show himself a few seconds a day, and change his pattern up just enough to keep us guessing.  Twice during the week he fed out into spots that seemed like he would present an opportunity for a shot, and twice he proved me wrong!  Although we made a great effort, and made several attempts,  the big dude won the battle and disappeared like big bucks do.  We decided to hunt new areas the last couple days of the hunt and saw some really nice mature bucks, but not the “wow” factor buck that John was after.

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First Archery Elk Hunt 2013

Man, it’s good to get the camo out of the closet and dust off the cow calls and bugle tubes!  It’s been a busy summer and hectic few weeks getting prepared for the fall hunting season.  We got to check some of our trail cameras  last week and see what’s been roaming the woods over the summer.  I was very pleased with what I saw.  Lots of elk, some really nice mature bulls, and lots of calves, not to mention some really nice buck deer and a few moose as well.  One trail cam on a wallow we call “Brooklyn” took 281 pictures of elk!

To kick off the season, we had some return archery hunters from Michigan in camp, John Heslip, Bret Doud, and Tim Lesneski.  From the first day of the hunt, hunters and guides were into the elk action every day!  Whether spotting elk in some of our favorite hunting spots, or being right smack in the middle of bugling bulls, there was lots of action all week.  On day three, John, Bret, and I ran into a bugling bull in the dark on our way out of camp.  As we waited for the sun to rise, the bull gathered his cows and slipped into the timber before we could even make a move on him.  Just minutes later we heard a different bull bugle just a couple hundred yards up river.  We soon jumped up and started our stalk to get within bow range.  This bull was also on the move and led us on a wild goose chase over several miles of dark, nasty, elk country.  After  an hour and a half of stalking this bull through the timber, we finally got close enough to get in his personal space and do some calling.  I let out a bugle, and instantly this bull was on his way in.  John and Bret set up on two different angles of approach while I slipped down the hill 30 yards to call him in closer.  It took only a couple minutes and he was in sight, raking trees on the way in.  As he neared 8 yards, Bret placed a perfect arrow right behind his shoulder!  The bull took off through the timber and went less than 130 yards before piling up!  Wow, what an exciting hunt and well worth all the hard work.

Now that Bret had filled his tag, I had the opportunity to guide Tim the very next day……and what an exciting day it was.  We left camp to head to one of my favorite glassing spots to try and locate elk for the next morning.  As we sat down to glass we heard a bugle in the distance.  A few minutes later the bugle was closer.  Then a different bull chimed in even closer.  I told Tim that even though the bugle was over a half mile away, if that bull bugled again, “he’s going to die”!  Sure enough, the bull bugled and we gathered our gear and took off down the mountain.  After closing the distance a few hundred yards, we realized it wasn’t just one or two bulls bugling, but four!  We almost got busted by a couple deer, and a few cow elk on the way in, but a few cow chirps saved our butts, and the stalk was still on.   Soon we were within 150 yards of the four bulls and who knows how many cows, but no cover to get closer.  We made the decision to run down the hill making lots of noise and cow calling along the way to sound like a herd of elk coming down the hill.  It worked!!  We were right on their back porch and in position.  Tim set up next to a big pine and I slipped back to continue calling.  30 seconds later, elk started filtering out of the woods.  After two other bulls walked by without presenting Tim a shot, the third stepped out and Tim made a great 45 yard shot.  The nice 6 point bull only went 50 yards before falling dead!  Man, it can happen fast!!

Over the next couple days guide Rod Piper and John did their best to arrow one more bull, but couldn’t quite get things to work out.  They were into elk several times and John even snuck into bow range of a nice bull.  The elk was just a little farther than he thought, and his shot ended up coming up a little short making a clean miss.  They got into several other bulls, but couldn’t get them to respond to the calls.  On the last day of the hunt Rod was able to call a nice bull into 3o yards.  Unfortunately, as soon as he got into John’s sights, he busted and took off out of sight.

It was a great week altogether, with great people, great cooking by Cherri, and lots of good hunting.  We saw lots of wildlife, several black bears, and even had some serious close encounters with some moose.  Congratulations to Bret and Tim and we look forward to going back in this week with deer and archery elk hunters.



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Socially Capable?

     Well…..after much persuasion and tons of requests, we are now part of the “social network”!  That’s right, we are now on facebook.  Check in and make sure to “like” our page  for speedy, up-to-date, news on the latest and greatest happenings with Hoback Peak Outfitters.  We’ll soon have pictures, videos, and links of our sponsors. 

     I will probably be fading out this current news page and posting all new happenings on our facebook page.  There’s some important dates and events coming up which will also be posted soon. 

     Congratulations to everyone who drew Wyoming general elk licenses this year and we look forward to seeing you this fall!

     Bring on the Spring Bear season!!



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Happy Holidays From HPO!!

     Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New year!!  My….how time flies by!  It seems like just yesterday we were gearing up for the spring bear season and pulling out all the tents and outfitting gear.  Now it’s all put away, winter is here, and it’s almost 2013!!!

     Needless to say it was a good season, and there’s more to come.  The fall ended up being very successful….ending up 100% on rifle elk, rifle antelope, Mule Deer and moose!  We had the privilege of guiding a fantastic archery moose hunter named Doug Strecker.  This gentleman was in his early sixties, in great shape, and had hunted with a stick and string his entire life.  If I remember right, he’s never harvested a big game animal with a rifle, but has dozens and dozens of archery kills from all over the world. We hunted pretty hard for a moose the first couple days, having a couple close encounters but no chance of letting an arrow fly.  On the third day of his hunt, we stumbled onto a nice bull chowing on some willows in the bottom of a small drainage.  After sneaking as close as we could, there was just no shot opportunity.  The bull began to slowly move away, grunting the whole time,  and we followed…trying to stay in close range.  I grunted back and finally was able to get the bull stopped at 49 yards. Doug made an incredible shot from one of the toughest shooting positions I’d ever seen.  From where we were standing when the bull stopped, there was no flat ground.  In fact, we were seated on a river bank that was on a 45 degree slope.  Not a typical shooting position that you would practice at the range!  The bull went only 110 yards before piling up in the timber and Doug had his long awaited shiras moose!

     We packed out of that hunt a couple days early and I had the opportunity to help out another fellow outfitter with his moose hunter.  On the first day that I would help guide this hunter, we spotted a really nice bull just after sunrise.  After a short stalk, we got within rifle range and he made a perfect shot, dropping the bull in his tracks!  Two good bulls down in three days!!

     Once the moose hunting was over with it was time to unleash the hounds and start chasing Mountain Lions!  This has become one of my favorite hunts of the whole year.  It’s also one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, which is probably why I enjoy it so much.  Catching a Mountain Lion is extremely rewarding, but the chase and pursuit can certainly test the heart and determination of houndsman and hunter.  Dr. Owen Martin came out to hunt with us late in October for his first Wyoming Lion hunt. He had hunted several other states, but had not harvested a cat.  We got some blessings from above on that last week in October, and got a nice dusting of snow that layed about 4 inches throughout the hills.  On the first morning of Owen’s hunt my dogs cut a track in the snow from the previous day!  The dogs covered dozens of miles, and after a long day of trailing, the cat won.  The next day we tried to start the same track where we had quit the day before.  By this time we were probably 3 days behind this cat.  The hounds gave it all their heart, but it was too much and too far to go to catch him.  We decided to let the hounds rest up and utilize horses, and 4 wheel drive vehicles to cover a bunch of territory in hopes of finding a fresher track.  After a couple more days and a few hundred miles, we decided to free cast the dogs again.  Sure enough….they cut a track of a nice Tom that had walked within a couple hundred yards of our camp.  The track was frozen in the snow, it was late in the day, but the dogs were moving it fast!  My hounds trailed many hours, and I finally had to gather them up in the dark and try again the next day.  Needless to say we were unable to put a cat in a tree that week, but it wasn’t due to lack of effort.  I’ve never been so proud of my dogs, they worked some of the hardest tracks we could have put them on that week, and they gave it their all.  We were just a day late each time. 

     Since that last hunt, we’ve gotten all our gear, camp, and horses put away for the year.  Snow is all around us and it’s certainly a white Christmas!  We’ve had some lion hunters come and go, and have more scheduled to come this winter.  My dogs have caught six big cats so far in the last month, and hopefully there will be more to come.  Check out the Mountain Lion page for pictures, and I’ve also added a “Videos” page where I’ll be posting some videos of what’s been going on. 

     Don’t forget that January is the application period for elk licenses!  All applications must be submitted to the Wyoming game and fish by the end of the month.  We are in a “General” elk area, and I will be more than happy to assist filling out applications.  If you are thinking of hunting any big game this fall, give me a call soon.  We are nearly booked up for 2013 and there are a limited number of spaces left.  In the meantime…..have a wonderful holiday and a great start to 2013!!


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No News is Good News!!

     Once again, I’ve gotten caught up in the hustle of running a business and have lost track of time!!  It’s been a few months since I’ve posted the newest happenings among all of us here at Hoback Peak, so………time to catch up!

     First of all I want to send out a big thank-you to everyone who came out on pack trips with us this summer.  We had some great people join us in the backcountry, we saw some beautiful territory, a few critters, and caught some great fish!  For the third year in a row, Stewart Gordon brought out another great bunch of guys from North Carolina to do some fly fishing in the Buffalo River.   The water was low, the fish were big, and they were hammering the hopper patterns!  The guys caught brookies, cut-bows, rainbows, whitefish, and lots of native cutthroats……even a couple over 18 inches!  There was lots of time spent relaxing around the firepit, telling stories, and having a beverage or two!  See you guys next year!!

     The summer season ran straight into the fall season, so there was very little time to do much scouting for elk and deer.  We began setting up camp, and putting out trail cameras only a couple weeks before archery elk hunters were to arive. Amazingly…….in such a short period of time, we got some amazing pictures of some monster bulls in the area.  (check in on the “Scouting” page for new Cuddeback pictures from this fall)  The first hunt brought a group of archery elk hunters in from Michigan.  These guys were very well prepared, and had spent a lot of time shooting, practicing, and getting into shape for the hunt.  The first week was extremely warm, but the elk action was just as hot!  It seemed everybody in camp was seeing, hearing, and getting into elk almost everyday!  After some close encounters, blown chances, and near misses……we finally got a couple elk down on day 5.  Tim and first-year guide Rodney, were into the elk hot and heavy just outside of camp.  Rod was able to call a beautiful six point bull into close range and Tim let him have it.  After the bull spun, and stopped, Tim was able to get a second arrow into the bull which sealed the deal.  After a long tracking job, we finally recovered the bull!  Congratulations Tim!!  Also on the 5th day of the hunt, Bret had an exciting evening sitting on an active elk wallow.  A couple deer came in for a drink, followed by a few cow elk, and Bret made a great shot at 40 yards on a nice mature cow.  Congratulations Bret, you’ll be eating well this winter!!  Although John didn’t get to let an arrow fly, we definitely were into the elk, and had a close encounter with a big 5 point bull at about 18 yards!!  We were able to sneak in on him in his bedding area, did some calling and brought him into CLOSE range!!  As the bull stood raking a tree and bugling at 20 yards…..the adrenaline started pumping.  John drew his bow back but unfortunately, some tree branches and possibly nerves got in the way of releasing an arrow!!  Sure was exciting though. 

     The next hunt was another hot and dry one and brought in archery elk hunters, rifle deer hunters, and a bear hunter.   The elk activity seemed to slow down just a little, but we still managed to find herds of elk everyday.  After spending the first few days concentrating on deer, we were able to get a couple nice bucks down.  Pete, from deep in the heart of Queens, New York was able to make a good shot on a big 4 point buck sparing with another smaller buck.  The next day, Tim from Brooklyn made a great one-shot kill on a nice buck in the same area.  Way to go guys!  On day 5 we got into a group of elk with a big bull bugling in the Timber.  We made a good set-up, did some calling, and here he came!  Pete was able to get a shot at the big bull at 36 yards but couldn’t connect.  After a little more calling to calm the bull down, he slowly walked off and walked right in front of Tim.  The bull was at long range, and a misjudgement in distance left Tim’s arrow falling just short.  The bear hunting was slow for some reason this fall, and we saw several sows with cubs, but no mature boar.  Although 17 year old Cougar from South Dakota didn’t kill a bear, he did some fine shooting on grouse with his recurve bow. 

     Imediately after the second archery hunt, 4 antelope hunters came into camp.  The previous week I had spent a day down in the desert scouting our antelope areas, it was looking promising.  Sure enough…..after a short drive, we hit the sage brush and started glassing.  There were several big groups of antelope around, some with multiple bucks, and even a few smaller groups with bucks showing early signs of rut activity.  The first group of speed goats we spotted was a big one, with more than 20 antelope!  Art and I made a big stalk on the group and finally got within range.  There were six bucks in the herd!!  Art picked out the biggest of the 6, and made an incredible one shot kill at 300 yards!!  Now all Art needs is his mountain lion and he will have completed his North American Grand Slam.  Good luck Art!!  Art’s two sons, Bill and George also made good shots on really nice bucks on the same day!!  Later in the day after a couple misses, Art’s grandson Collin connected on the biggest antelope of the hunt, a massive 16 incher!!  Nice job young man!!  Four big bucks in one day…..whew!!!

     After the first couple hunts, it was time to hang up the bows and break out the big guns for rifle elk season.  Jake Silva from Hawaii is a 2011 graduate of our Guide School and came out to Wyoming and worked for us for the month of September.  He also had an elk tag in his pocket!  Rod and Jake were able to get into a big herd of elk on opening morning.  There were elk bugling everywhere, and as they moved in, Jake had an oportunity at a nice 6 point bull at extremely close range.  Jake decided to pass on the nice bull and time would tell if it would be a mistake or not.  Luckily…..just a few minutes later, they heard a bugle that sounded really good, and sure enough, out walked a monster 6 point at 60 yards!!  Jake made a great shot, and the bull was dead on his feet.  Turned out to be a good move passing on the first bull, this one is a Daddy at 53 inches wide!  Way to go buddy!  Also in camp were a couple fun guys from the great state of Nebraska, go big red!! Again on opening morning, we were in the middle of bugling elk everywhere!!  After a missed oportunity at a big bull in the timber, Rick and I spotted two nice bulls sparing up on a hillside.  Rick was able to get a nice rest, picked out the nicer of the two, and “lit him up” at about 110 yards!  After a big day of packing elk meat and antlers back to camp, Mark and I were able to go out for a quick evening hunt.  We didn’t get far from camp when I spotted a nice 6 point bull skylined at the top of a ridge.  Mark made an amazing off hand shot, the bull went less than 100 yards and piled up in the trees.  What a day, three bulls on opening day!!!

     The next hunt was another rifle elk hunt, bringing more hunters from Husker-land, and another New Yorker.  It finally got cold this week.  After three weeks of extremely warm temperatures, the thermometer finally droped into the teens and the elk “woke-up”!  On the first evening Rod and Jeff spotted a big herd of elk in a tough spot, but it seemed there were several bulls in the group, and with them still bugling, they would make a move on em in the morning.  The next morning only 15 minutes into shooting light, they were able to get close to a nice 5×6 bugling in a clearing.  Jeffrey made a perfect shot, and the bull didn’t go 100yds!  Congratulations Jeff on your first bull elk!!  After several days of tough hunting, and seeing only cows and calves, Stan and I got into another nice herd of elk with a couple bulls in it.  We got set up on a smaller bull bugling in the aspens, Stan decided to pass on the younger bull, and just minutes later, a beautiful 6×6 came bugling into an opening above us.  After raining lead at the bull on a difficult uphill shot, Stan connected and the deal was done!!  The same morning Mike and Rod set up on a nice meadow just outside of camp.  Within 30 minutes of daylight a group of elk began moving across the top of the meadow.  Mike, settled in on his shooting sticks and made a great uphill shot at over 200 yards on a nice 5×5 bull!  Way to go guys!!  100% success on rifle elk, rifle antelope, and rifle deer this fall!!

     Coming up in the next couple weeks we have the privelage of guiding a gentleman on his long awaited archery Moose hunt.  We also have a hunter coming to dry-ground lion hunt the last week of October, and several lion hunts scheduled during the winter months, should be exciting!  Keep checking in from time to time for updates and photos.  I’ll be gathering success photos along with scouting photos and posting them on the site in the next couple days.  Also want to mention that after years of fighting and waiting, we now have an open season on wolves.  Although the quota is small for our area, and wolves haven’t showed up in big numbers yet, there’s no reason why every hunter that comes out shouldn’t  have a wolf tag in their pocket…..just in case.  Ok..enough for now, thanks to everyone who’s been into hunting camp thus far, and congratulations to all the hunters and guides on not having any wounded anmials, or un-recoverd animals this fall!! 

                 See ya in the hills,                                                                                                                                                                                                          JR


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Latest Hoback Peak News

     Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted any news on the latest happenings around Hoback Peak Outfitters, so I better start from the begining of bear season.  As you already know, we had an unseasonably early spring.  The snow went off early, and the warm weather showed up, and the bears started moving early.  We had baits getting hit hard in the second week of May, and by the third week every bait site was gettting hammered.  We were 100% successful on our spring bear hunts and killed a couple really nice boars!  Some really nice colors too!  Unfortunately, the bear hunting was so good that the quota was filled almost two weeks early!!  It was still considered a success in my books, now it’s time to have some meetings with the Game and Fish to discuss quotas and area seperation.

     The Guide school started on the 18th of May and three students came to give the guide and outfitting industry a shot.  It was a quick four weeks of training and it looks like this years class may produce some potential.  One student has already left for a job on a whitetail and hog ranch in Texas, and I’ve hired on another student to stay here at Hoback Peak Outfitters.  It was an extremely hot month, and it seems like fires are sprouting up all over the place.  Hopefully we’ll get some rain soon to soak the mountains and keep the grass growing.  It was the first guide school that I can rememeber in the last 13 years, that it hasn’t snowed at least once.  What’s going on with the world?????

     Now that guide school is all over, it’s time to pull out the summer gear, tents, and fly rods!!  We have a few pack trips scheduled for August into the Teton Wilderness, and there should be some great fishing.  Over the next 6 weeks or so we’ll be up North in Griz and Wolf country soaking in the scenery and chasing those 20 inchers!!!

     I think I better also mention that preference points are now for sale at the Wyoming Game and Fish web site.  If you have any intentions of hunting elk, deer, or any other big game in Wyoming, buy a preference piont in the next two months.  This will greatly increase your odds of drawing a tag next year and it only costs around $50.  If you have any questions I can help you out with this process.   Take care, and enjoy your summer!


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Let’s Go Hunting!

     It’s time to unlock the gun safe, open up the bow case and get to shootin’ boys and girls, spring bear season has arrived!!!!

Even though it’s dumping snow as I sit here and write this, I have to admit this has been one very mild winter.  On any other average Wyoming Spring, I’d be crossing my fingers hoping that i could drive to bear camp by the 10th of May.  I was able to drop off my first trailer load of camp gear almost a week ago!  The total snow accumulation this winter was way below average, and the warmer temps we got over the last month has made the snow pack dissapear in a hurry.  I started putting bear baits out on the 10th of April with snowmobiles, and in checking them over the last couple days, all but one has been hit.  Bears are certainly moving earlier this year, and I hope to take serious advantage of that.  We are going to be able to hunt places that we’ve never hunted before due to the spring snow, that really excites me.  I’ve recently put out two more baits, and have one more to go, so within the next few days, all baits will be out. 

Last spring was so tough with all the snow, that we had to cancel 90% of the bear hunts we had booked.  Not only were we not able to hunt bears, but so was the rest of western wyoming.  Very few bears were harvested last spring because nobody could get through the snow, which left all our quotas far from being filled.  With the much dryer conditions we have now, and a widely growing black bear population, I fully expect to have one of the best spring bear seasons we’ve ever had!  If anybody has any thoughts of hunting black bears, this is the year to do it.  I am going to be offering a couple hunts earlier than I normally do, so give us a call soon.  Like I said, I have bears hitting baits right now, so the sooner you can get out here the better.  I will be posting trail cam pictures on the scouting page as soon as I start checking cameras, so be sure to have a look and see whats hitting our baits. 

If you can’t make it out this spring, there is always good bear hunting in the fall, or give us a call next year.  At any rate….. Spring is upon us, so get out those rifles and bows and lets get to practicing!

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Elk Draw to be Posted!!

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has reported that they will be posting the results of the 2012 elk drawing on their website tomorrow morning at 8:00 am!!  For those who have already booked an elk hunt with us this fall, be sure to check the results and get back to me as soon as you find out whether or not you were successful.  You can e-mail me through this website or leave me a message at home.  For those of you who have not booked a hunt, we still have a couple spots available for this upcomming fall, but not for long.  Once the results are in, it won’t take long for the remaining hunts to book up.  Give me a call and lets see if there are some dates that will work for you.

Also don’t forget about some of these important application dates:

February 29th …………..  Applications are due for Moose and Big horn Sheep.   ( Moose area 10, and sheep area 7)

  March 15th ……………….  Applications are due for Antelope  (area 89)

March 31st  ………………. Closing day of Mountain Lion season.  We are still hunting lions out here, and the conditions have been great!  It’s been one of the mildest winters I have seen, which makes it great for getting around in the backcountry while looking for lion tracks.  There is still plenty of time to book a lion hunt for this winter and tags can be purchased right over the counter.  Here is a picture of a big Tom we caught in my area not long ago, we didnt harvest him in hopes that someone would come out and book a hunt.  He’s still out there….Lets go get him!!

Big Tom caught and released

I have a couple spots open for spring bear hunts towards the end of May and the first part of June.  You can buy bear tags right over the counter, no applications or drawings.  We will be putting out our baits sometime around the second week of April, be sure to check in to our scouting page to see what kinds of  bears are showing up!

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