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Guide School



The outfitting and guiding business is one of the fastest growing professions in outdoor recreation today. The demand for knowledgeable people to guide clients interested in outdoor and wilderness adventure is expanding rapidly. If you enjoy working in the outdoors, working with horses, hunting, fishing, and meeting people from all over the country with the same interests, this could be the profession for you. Can you imagine, having a job that you actually love to do? To end each day and be proud of all the hard work you accomplished? To get paid to hunt, fish, and live in the outdoors among horses, and wildlife?

It’s very possible. And the best way to get started in any new career is to “learn by doing.” That’s exactly what this school is about. I’ve been outfitting and guiding in Wyoming for 17 years and I got started by attending a guide school just like this one. Now I own my own outfitting business and enjoy teaching students how to become the best at what they do. Your basic fundamentals and skills are critical when starting a new career. Our guide school is conducted in the mountains from a western wall tent camp, providing the most realistic training possible. This is the best way for you to learn to live in the mountains and to take care of yourself and your future clients. There is no substitution for hands on training.  Jackson, Wyoming lies in the heart of premier vacation land offering all the opportunities valued by clients requiring guide and outfitter services.
Our classes are kept small, no more than 10 students per class. This ensures that you, as a student, get maximum benefit from a high instructor/student ratio. Our staff of instructors are guides themselves and have years of experience in the outfitting and guiding industry. These guides make their living in the back country and we feel they are some of the best to be found. We cover many subjects and your four weeks will be very busy. We are serious about giving you the best possible foundation before you pursue your new career. We hope that you as a student will advance to be a productive professional, and we would be proud to train you and recommend you to other outfitters in the North West.
For those who successfully complete the course, assistance with your job placement is also included. All students are required to complete the Elm Home Study Prep-Course (Erv Malnarich Outfitter’s and Guides Bible) prior to attending Hoback Peak’s Guide and Packer School.
For more information regarding the Elm Home Study Course please contact Michael or Julie Knott with Elm Outfitting and Guide Training at:

Phone: 406-961-3603
E-mail: [email protected]
web site:

This course will give you a good solid foundation in which to prepare you for your hands on training at Hoback Peak’s Guide and Packer School. Elm has maintained 100% job placement for each of our qualified graduates with reputable outfitters here in the Rockies.” When you arrive for your four weeks of training you well need to bring your bedroll, personal gear and a positive attitude. We will furnish food, tents, horses, saddles, and any required equipment needed for the course.
The cost of the schooling is Call For Pricing.

Two Week Cooking School

Hoback Peak is currently offering a two week hands on camp cook school in the spring!  The camp cook is one of the most sought after job positions by professional outfitters today.  A good cook can make or break the entire experience of a back country big game hunt.  From preparing meals, planning menus, buying groceries, and other camp duties, a good camp cook must be extremely versatile, being able to handle many different tasks throughout the day.   This class will be held out of our operating bear camp with actual clients coming and going throughout the school.  During the two weeks, students will learn many different skills including,

  • open fire cooking
  •  gas cooking
  •  using dutch ovens
  •  use and care of  cast iron cookware
  •  menu planning
  •  packing food panniers
  •  buying groceries
  • proper food storage in the back country
  • meal preparation
  • presentation
  • ethics and attitude
  • basic horsemanship skills
  • much, much, more………..