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Deer Hunts



Leon’s big 30 incher

Hoback Peak Outfitters offers mule deer hunting in areas 152, 153 and 154. These areas encompass the Bondurant and Cliff Creek drainages in the Wyoming Range. When you apply for a deer license, this is considered region H.

We hunt everything from alpine meadows and aspen groves at 7,000 to 8,000 feet, to high country peaks at 8,500 to 10,000 feet. Our areas consistently provide some of the largest bucks taken from public land and we have an excellent success rate.  Our deer hunting consists of a lot of  “spot and stalk” type hunting.  Our hunters and guides typically ride out from camp on horseback traveling to a vantage point where a lot of country can be covered using binoculars and spotting scopes.  From there,

Matt’s awesome buck

once a good buck has been spotted, we tie up the horses and use the wind and terrain to our advantage to stalk to within shooting range.  I strongly recommend that deer hunters be in the best physical condition they can personally be in, sometimes a lot of walking and hiking has to be done to get to where some of these big bucks live.  That being said, we also kill some of the largest deer in our area, in relatively easy spots to get to, within a few hundred yards of camp even!  However it’s always a good idea to been in good physical condition in case that buck you want is up in the steep stuff above treeline.

For deer I am a big fan of the 300 cal., whether that’s a win mag, ultra mag, short mag, whatever…….it performs

Joe’s big 3 point in velvet

very well.  I’ve had many hunters bring 30-06, 7mm, and 270’s and they’ve all done just fine.  The most important thing is that you as a hunter can shoot the rifle, and put the bullet where it’s supposed to go.  Sometimes hunting these high country mule deer a long shot is the only shot we have.  I recommend that hunters have their rifles sighted in between 1 1/2 – 2 inches high at 100 yards, and if possible shoot their rifles out to 300 yards at the range.

OOur prices are all inclusive except for tips to guides and/or cooks. Deer season runs from around the 15th of September until the first or second week of October depending on the area. Applications are due no later than March 15th.

Josh’s 2011 buck

If you are unsuccessful in the license drawing your deposit is refundable. To greatly increase your chance of drawing a deer license, I strongly recommend applying for

the special drawing for a higher fee. We are happy to assist you in completing the applications and submitting them to the Wyoming Game and Fish Dept. You can request a 2013 non-resident package from the Game and Fish by calling 307.777.4600.

The package is also available to download via the internet at

2016 deer hunt dates

Opening hunt…………….. Sept. 14th – Sept. 20th

Combo elk/deer #1…….. Sept. 25th – Oct. 1st

Combo elk/deer #2…….. Oct. 4th – October 10th


Call For Pricing

Buskin “Buck” Wilson (outfitter) 307-690-0461
or  Richard Jenkins 307-654-1199

Email: [email protected]

Pete’s big 4