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Moose Hunts


Hoback Peak offers shirras moose hunting in area 10 of the Wyoming Range. We have excellent moose numbers which again, I believe is because we have so many calves that are surviving every year. With little to no predation from wolves and grizzlies, we see herds growing instead of depleting. Moose hunts are 7 days long, with hunting on all 7 days, and are conducted out of our pack in camp, three and a half miles into National Forest.

47 1/2 wide!

From this “back-country village” we will hunt on horseback to get to the appropriate hunting grounds. From that point on we spend a lot of time glassing the country for the moose we are after. Once the trophy bull is spotted, the stalk is on! Moose in our area will begin rutting around the middle of October, this is when we start seeing the big bulls come out of the timber. The best time to hunt moose is either early in September during archery season or mid to late October during the rut. Moose season typically runs from the 10th of September to October 31st.

The application deadline to the Game and Fish Department is the end of February so don’t delay in getting your application and license fees turned in. Moose hunting is a lot of fun and is definitely a once in a lifetime hunt. If you have been collecting moose preference points or are considering applying for a moose tag, give us a call and we can help with the application process. Don’t forget to apply for area 10.  We only take a very limited number of moose hunters per year so be sure to send a deposit early to get your hunt reserved. If you are unsuccessful in the drawing we will promptly refund your deposit. Call For Pricing

Tom Nelson’s Archery Bull


Doug’s Archery Bull

Call For Pricing

Buskin “Buck” Wilson (outfitter) 307-690-0461
or  Richard Jenkins 307-654-1199

Email: [email protected]