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Let’s Go Hunting!

Posted by on April 27, 2012

     It’s time to unlock the gun safe, open up the bow case and get to shootin’ boys and girls, spring bear season has arrived!!!!

Even though it’s dumping snow as I sit here and write this, I have to admit this has been one very mild winter.  On any other average Wyoming Spring, I’d be crossing my fingers hoping that i could drive to bear camp by the 10th of May.  I was able to drop off my first trailer load of camp gear almost a week ago!  The total snow accumulation this winter was way below average, and the warmer temps we got over the last month has made the snow pack dissapear in a hurry.  I started putting bear baits out on the 10th of April with snowmobiles, and in checking them over the last couple days, all but one has been hit.  Bears are certainly moving earlier this year, and I hope to take serious advantage of that.  We are going to be able to hunt places that we’ve never hunted before due to the spring snow, that really excites me.  I’ve recently put out two more baits, and have one more to go, so within the next few days, all baits will be out. 

Last spring was so tough with all the snow, that we had to cancel 90% of the bear hunts we had booked.  Not only were we not able to hunt bears, but so was the rest of western wyoming.  Very few bears were harvested last spring because nobody could get through the snow, which left all our quotas far from being filled.  With the much dryer conditions we have now, and a widely growing black bear population, I fully expect to have one of the best spring bear seasons we’ve ever had!  If anybody has any thoughts of hunting black bears, this is the year to do it.  I am going to be offering a couple hunts earlier than I normally do, so give us a call soon.  Like I said, I have bears hitting baits right now, so the sooner you can get out here the better.  I will be posting trail cam pictures on the scouting page as soon as I start checking cameras, so be sure to have a look and see whats hitting our baits. 

If you can’t make it out this spring, there is always good bear hunting in the fall, or give us a call next year.  At any rate….. Spring is upon us, so get out those rifles and bows and lets get to practicing!

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